more heredium characters

i need to push the illustrations for heredium, so right now i'm finishing all missing characters (and do some reworking on older ones ...)


fast scribbles from life ...

few fast scribbled heads from bars and huts, done sometime ago ...

live drawing at artillerie ...

... 10 minutes each.


heredium illustrations

first off, i failed to reach the second round in last man standing.
not a big deal as there were strong contenders, but ... i wanted to do better in round2, now that chance is obviously gone.
it was fun and a good learning experience anyway ...

here are two pieces i did for heredium-RPG, at the moment i'm mainly trying to illustrate scenes in specific environments of the worldsetting.
struggling for atmosphere ;)


last man standing

ok, i admit it ...
i'm one lazy blogger and i will do better in the future ... hopefully

now here is a piece i did for the first round of last man standing 3 contest on conceptart.org
the topic is "underneath it all", i hope it takes me to round two.